How Benjamin’s Humiliation by His “Neigbhours” led Him to Discover the Truth about His “S€xṲal Dysfunktion”

And the Herbal Tablet That Cured It Permanently; Transforming His Failing S€x Life into the Confident and Lasting S€xủal Experience He Always Wanted.


“Hey look, my husband broke a 30-minute record for the first time in the last 5 years of our marriage”

One of my opposite neigbour said in a low voice that my husband heard clearly “he don de commot” and other neighours burst into cruel laughter…

Nearly everyone in the compound where we leave is probably aware of my husband S€xủal DysfunKtion and are making fun of it. I wanted him to come back inside but he had to report to work that day or we will stay hungry.

His face twisted as he tried to hold back his tears…

Looking back now, I wish I knew that this humiliating moment would ultimately lead him to discover a Powerful Herbal Product, that Permanently…

Transformed Him from a 20 Seconds Man to an over 30 Minutes Man in 7days.

A Herbal Tablet that is so Powerful that Men with Quikk EjaKualation, We@k EreKtion and other S€xủal DysfunKtion use to Permanently cure their problems in a matter of days.


If I did not witnessed my husband use it and seen how fast he recovered to be the man I used to know, I would never believe it, but it’s 100% true.

See, Benjamin was a man full of Stamina and Life during our Bedroom Fight.

But now, when we go into for a Major fight, we don’t go pass 20 Seconds.


After his humiliating performance, he will hurrily go to the bath and spends over 20mins wondering 

In short… he felt gross.

Before my eyes, I had watched the vibrant, stamina filled man I once knew reduced to a shell of his former self.

Benjamin fought daily against the nagging thought that stuck in the back of his mind…

“How could my wife love me like this?”

He felt like this every day for the rest of his life, he would be trapped in the prison of this dysfunktion, without any hope for freedom.

I had to ask myself… what had gone wrong!

Benjamin had tried nearly every Diet in Existence...

He stopped taking sugaring substances, tried Agbo, he almost took TD…

But I didn’t approve of that because it would harm his health in return.

All this only worked for two days and the problem is back again…

...Until He Discover Mascum Herbal Pride

This powerful Herbal Tablet  effortlessly transformed Benjamin from a 20 Seconds Man to 30 Minutes plus man…

But more important than all of this was that the boring, anxiety-filled, and depression that had hung over Benjamin daily…

Broke up with an Increased S€xủal Confidence and Natural Desire During S€xủal Activity.

This Powerful Herbal Tablet has already worked wonders for thousands of men and women…


...Who All Effortlessly and Permanently Cured their s€xṲal dysfunKtion after years searching for an effective cure.

Mascum is not one of those  expensive 6 months herbal pack that promises to cure QuiKk Ejakulation but only burns a fat hole in your wallet.


Mascum Herbal Pride

The most powerful s€xủal dysfunKtion formula ever created and the only one designed to permanently cure and transform a 2 seconds man to over 30 minutes in 7days.

Mascum Will Work for You...

Within just 7 days of using this herbal product...

You will begin to notice change in your S€xủal Life…

As you go in a Match with your Partner, she will watch you run Marathon instead of 100 meter race.

You will wake up every morning feeling more energized and more s€xủal confidence.

You will feel proud when your Partner tells you, “you have done well”.

You will smile, knowing how simple the true answer really is.

Just One Tablet of this Powerful Herbal Product in the Morning and Night for 25 days will do the Magic.

And you will return to the Man you aught to be…

No need to buy 3 bottles like other ineffective and expensive products out there. One bottle with 50 Capsules will do the magic.

Just like Mascum Herbal Pride did for Benjamin,

Joshua his neighour who Benjamin bought Mascum for said:

I really can’t believe it. In just 4 days, I’ve recovered my lost glory. Now I can satisfy my wife like I did when we were dating 6 years ago!

or Olamide from Kwara who said

Wow, wow, wow! What else can I say? I feel great. I feel amazing and my wife can’t keep praising my *actions*. This is a totally new life for me. I just wish I knew about this product sooner…

Thousands are Starting to Reach Out Asking How They Can Get Their Hands on Mascum As Well…

Because they want to try this “miracle herbal product” that all their friends have been talking about for themselves.

And while I love being able to help so many people with their quiKk ereKtion…

This growing attention does mean that demand often outstrips supply and our products goes out of stock.

And this isn’t some sort of marketing gimmick.

It’s just the reality of how painstaking and rigorous our formulation process is.

As well as the fact that we go out of our way to source only the highest-quality ingredients.

So, I’m going to tell you the truth, occasionally, we do run out of Mascum.

And people are unable to get their hands on it.

Which is why so many of our customers keep coming back to us to re-order for their friends or family before they run out.

And it’s why…

When They Order, They Make Sure to Get for Their Friends or Family.

You Can Get a Single Bottle of Mascum for Only N19,999, and N35,999 When You Order for You and a Friend.



Free Nationwide Delivery + Pay on Delivery



Free Nationwide Delivery + Pay on Delivery

Once Your Mascum Herbal Pride Arrives On Your Doorstep, After Days of You Waiting in Anticipation…

You’ll likely want to go ahead and tear into it, pull out the cool plastic bottle and see the miracle bottle floating inside.

You’ll take a tablet and swallow in the morning and night after meal.

Within days you’ll begin to notice significantly the return of the lost Confidence.

After 7 days of using Mascum, you will start to notice alot stronger EreKtion.

Try it for two week, and if you don’t notice any of the remarkable changes I’ve promised here…

Or you’re simply just not completely amazed by the product…

Send Us a Note and We’ll Refund 100% of Your Money.
This is an unconditional guarantee

As long as you write to us within 14 days of today…

Fill form below now and here’s to your new life of freedom!



Send a Text Message (SMS) to 08089377404 with the below details:

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  • Full Address (Home or Office, we deliver to anywhere you want)
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Frequently Asked Questions

This solution has no side effect, and it has been approved by NAFDAC


This Solution is effective with no side effect for any Age even 70+


We send the dosage and other instructions to your phone number or email immediately the products are delivered to you.


We ship nationwide and you can get the products anywhere you are within 24 hours of ordering.

You don’t have to pay before you get the products. You only pay when you receive your products. We collect cash or transfer on delivery.


Yes, our supplements can be taken by someone living with diabetes, high blood pressure and other sorts of diseases because It has all it takes to handles all that.


Yes, We advise you to be close to your partner after taking these supplements due to its high potency.